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Lee Nolan

Chief Technical Officer

Lee Nolan was recently appointed as CTO to accelerate MTI’s thought leadership in industry-leading Services & Solutions to market.

Lee is dedicated to providing Solutions that deliver against organisations own business initiatives. Whether this is about driving efficiency in the delivery of Application platforms, underpinning business processes with a Secure IT Infrastructure or exploiting Cloud services for the maximum business benefit. MTI can provide the smooth design, deployment & management of an organisation’s critical transformational projects.

Lee joined MTI after a three-year tenure at Insight where he led the Services & Solutions Division. Prior to working at Insight, Lee held roles at, NetApp, Pillar Data Systems and Computacenter, where he worked for almost 10 years.

Lee has been working on the provision of datacenter solutions for clients for over 20 years. For the last  8 years, Lee’s particular area of expertise has been the evolution into the cloud to provide specialist knowledge to clients and the wider market.

By working closely with customers, and through this industry experience, Lee is driven to build awareness of the changing IT landscape and the pivotal role that the cloud now plays in any enterprise IT infrastructure.