CA Identity Management

Balance User Experience and Security in a Zero-Trust World
Trust in identities. Prevent breaches and provide a seamless customer experience. 

Simplify identity management and access governance through automation and self-service and build trust without sacrificing security. Business has always been built on trust, but this trust can be quickly broken and unwoven due to a security breach. No matter how services are accessed or how many users or devices access them, a fundamental concern remains: Organisations need to protect larger volumes of sensitive data while still allowing users to easily conduct business. A modern identity and access management (IAM) solution can address these challenges.

CA Identity Management
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The CA Identity Suite provides comprehensive identity management and governance capabilities with a simple, intuitive user experience. This user experience can dramatically simplify processes such as user access requests and access certifications, resulting in improved productivity and user satisfaction. In addition, the CA Identity Suite performs risk analysis and certification and enables remediation actions in real-time during the access provisioning steps, thereby improving audit performance and risk posture with preventive policy enforcement.

E-Book: Modern Identity and Access Management

Discover the five critical questions you need to address when considering a modern identity and access management solution.