CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager

Protect, Detect, Respond

Taking Privilege Account Security to the endpoint

When an attack evades your perimeter and endpoint security, you are reliant on detection technologies to react quickly to try and prevent it spreading. Attackers steal credentials, elevate privileges and move laterally through your network to find valuable information. Enforcing privilege security on the endpoint to reduce your attack surface is a fundamental part of your security program.

  • Automatically create policies based on business requirements

  • Enforce granular least privilege policies for Windows administrators

  • Seamlessly elevate business user privileges as needed

  • Quickly identify and black malicious applications

  • Detect and block credential theft attempts

  • Enable unknown applications to safely run in a restricted mode

  • Leverage integrations with threat detection tools to analyse unknown applications

  • Identify all applications in the environment

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CyberArk Endpoint Manager

Enforce privilege security on the endpoint without the negative impact of removing local administratr rights. Learn more about Endpoint Privilege Manager below.