Privileged Account Security Solution

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Meet compliance requirements and reduce security risk without introducing further operational complexity

Privileged accounts represent the largest security vulnerability an organisation faces today. In the hands of an external attacker or malicious insider, privileged accounts allow attackers to take full control of an organization’s IT infrastructure, disable security controls, steal confidential information, commit financial fraud and disrupt operations. These accounts are a common factor in almost every cyber-attack that can allow hackers to control an organisations resources, disable security and access sensitive data. With this growing threat, organizations need to gain visibility into the accounts that enable attackers to be successful.

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With CyberArk’s Privileged Access Security Solution, you can meet your compliance requirements and reduce your security risk without introducing operational complexity.

For Security

Reduce your privileged account security risk with the industry’s most comprehensive Privileged Account Security Solution, across your on-premises infrastructure and cloud.

For Operations

Leverage a flexible architecture that can scale to the most demanding enterprise deployments and integrate seamlessly with your existing security, operations and DevOps tools.

For Audit

Enforce role-based access controls, require users to “check out” credentials, generate full and detailed reporting and audit trail to demonstrate compliance.

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Privileged Account Security

Dedicated to stopping attacks before they stop business, CyberArk and MTI proactively secure against cyber threats before attacks can escalate and damage your business