MTI Datacentre Compute Technology

Compute is one of the 3 pillars of the data centre, alongside storage and network.

However, unlike the other 2 pillars, compute is seen as the core foundation of any modern infrastructure – all virtualisation technology requires a server to run on and with the fast adoption of software-defined storage, local hard drives on servers are now being pooled together to offer cheaper alternatives to enterprise storage arrays.

As the industry has moved from large mainframe servers, to separate compute and storage silos, to blade technology and unified storage arrays, and now to converged and hyper-converged solutions; MTI Technology has always been at the forefront of delivering solutions comprising of the latest IT trend.

We take a consultative approach to any design based on decades of experience, whether just a small enhancement, or a complete replacement/green field solution.

MTI have both sales and technical expertise to provide you with guidance on choosing, sizing and implementing a compute solution to meet your needs. We’ll do a full assessment of your existing infrastructure, your pain points and future needs, and provide independent unbiased advice.

MTI’s Solution

Benefits to Business

Choosing the right compute solution will allow organisation reap the benefits of a simplified, unified infrastructure so you can focus on more valuable projects. MTI’s innovative and proven compute solutions deliver:

· Business and operational efficiencies

· Simplified routine tasks

· On-demand resource allocation

· Optimum application performance

· Shorter time to value

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    Modern initiatives such as converged and hyper-converged infrastructure all rely on some form of compute. The choice available can sometimes be mindboggling – Rack servers, tower servers, blade servers or modular infrastructure?

    Technology is evolving at an ever-increasing pace – processors are getting smaller and faster, storage is getting larger and faster – and these changes affect us all in different ways, especially in how we consume technology.

    As an end-user how do you determine which type of compute is best for you?

    Which type of server infrastructure will meet your specific business demands, yet allow you to control costs, streamline management and offer the flexibility to scale.