MTI and VMware

In this ever-evolving world of IT the only constant factor is change. Attitudes and trends within the industry change so quickly that trying to predict what will be the hot topic in the next few years can be a difficult job! 

Research firm IDC estimates that traditional data centres this year accounted for 62% of IT infrastructure spending, with 23% of the market going to public cloud and 15% going to private cloud. By 2020, data centres will drop to account for 50% of the market with public cloud at just under a third of the market and private cloud capturing 20%. Translation: Data centres are becoming less important and public and private cloud are both growing to becoming more important. 


MTI’s Solution

As a VMware Enterprise Solutions Provider and VMware Professional Services Partner, MTI demonstrates its expertise in VMware solutions and services across a number of VMware SDDC competencies:  

  • Server virtualisation 
  • Business continuity 
  • Cloud provider 
  • Desktop virtualisation 
  • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure 
  • Management operations  
  • Network virtualisation 

MTI designs and implements enterprise virtualised environments and cloud solutions, and VMware’s products play a major role in our complete solutions – from desktop, to data centre to cloud. Our case studies demonstrate where the use of VMware to virtualise the server environment has resulted in a lowering of costs and a measurable improvement in business agility. 

We can help put VMware solutions to work for you to achieve: 

Efficiency gains – Reduce server footprint (reducing power and cooling costs) by consolidation and optimisation of existing infrastructure, driving up server utilisation by enabling multiple OSes to run on a single physical server.

Automation  – Help automate everyday IT processes leading to a reduction in the time taken to deploy and manage infrastructure.

Resilient Infrastructure – Achieve levels of availability within your IT infrastructure that you never thought possible, at a cost suitable to your business.

Desktop virtualisation  – Move desktops to the data centre and manage them centrally without disrupting end-user experience. 

Cloud adoption – Start building your own private or public clouds.

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    As virtualisation is now a critical component to an overall IT strategy, it is important to choose the right vendor. VMware is the global leader in virtualisation solutions delivering a complete virtualisation platform from desktop through the data centre and out to the public cloud – bringing cloud computing to businesses of all sizes, and offering the most trusted and reliable platform for building private clouds and federating to public clouds. 

    Customers rely on VMware to: 

    • Reduce capital and operating expenditure 
    • Increase business agility 
    • Ensure business continuity 
    • Deliver server consolidation and optimisation 
    • Centralise and consolidate desktop infrastructure 
    • Enable end-to-end management of their virtual estate 

    VMware helps to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of running a virtualised software-defined data centre, achieving a rapid return of investment (ROI). 

    VMware also offers a wide range of award-winning products, from free software for virtualising desktops and servers to comprehensive enterprise-class platforms for optimising data-centres and IT infrastructures across the 3 pillars of Compute, Storage and Network.