Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC)

In an era where speed and performance are critical, moving to a software-centric approach in every area of the datacentre is the only way to get ahead. A key enabler to the whole IT transformation is the Software Defined Data Centre – SDDC is not an object or single product, but more like an Operating System that runs your IT infrastructure. 

As experts in automation, network, compute, storage, and security, MTI works with you to automate and fundamentally change the way you manage your IT infrastructure with a tailored, secure software-defined datacentre that is right for your business. 


New technologies and increased customer expectations are accelerating the pace of business. In a digitally connected world, businesses are under more pressure to differentiate themselves from their competitors by delivering superior experiences at acceptable costs.

These requirements are putting additional demands on IT services, which need to help their business stakeholders spark innovation and bring new products and services to market faster.


The only way that enterprises can move quickly and capitalise as opportunities arise is to ensure their underlying IT is built on an Agile platform enabling IT assets and IT organisations to operate and change at the speed of business.

The software-defined data centre (SDDC) is built on virtualisation, not just virtualising servers – which many companies have already embraced – but also by virtualising storage and networking.

Virtualisation frees workloads from the reliance on specific hardware and frees hardware resources to be pooled together leading to greater utilisation, higher availability, lower cost, increased scalability, greater speed to deployment and the agility to repurpose infrastructure as the business needs.

The essence of SDDC is automation. The software layer replaces management with policy-based automation to further increase operational simplicity. Things happen fast and changes are made with a minimum of human intervention. A high degree of automation is the only way that infrastructure can keep pace with the many and various changing demands put upon it by the business. And it’s the only way IT can provision its offerings as business services.

SDDC should also be considered a core part of your overall cloud strategy. The SDDC is designed from the ground up to serve as an industrial-grade bridge between your past and your future, between your on-prem and off-prem assets — and there is enormous value and power in that hybrid model of IT.

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    Benefits to Business

    SDDC is the best datacentre architecture available for IT organisations that are looking to propel themselves forward. If you’re looking to accelerate application delivery and, more broadly, serve as a strategic partner to the business, then SDDC is the path to get there. 

    Implementing SDDC is ultimately an investment in business agility and business innovation and provides the following benefits: 

    • Optimum performance & availability 

    • Reduced risks and costs 

    • Improved ROI  

    • Greater efficiency and innovation