The Enterprise Storage conundrum: Replace or Maintain?

Jump-Start Your IT Transformation with MTI and Dell EMC

In a digital age with IT Transformation at the forefront, many organisations are nearing the end of fixed maintenance and support agreements on storage arrays.

Modern, feature-rich architectures revolutionse the speed and efficiency of your Storage asrray to give you a competitive edge.

MTI and DellEMC support a broad range of demanding workloads while providing a robust choice of options — including data deduplication, thin-provisioning, space-efficient snapshots, data replication, advanced encryption and more — to increase efficiency and protect and secure your data.

DellEMC have launched a package of compelling benefits in an attempt to tip the scales in favor of investing in new equipment. An upgrade might not be appropriate in all cases but DellEMC’s new storage loyalty programme offers some nice incentives.


Dell EMC Storage Loyalty Program

Dell EMC’s Midrange Storage portfolio consisting of Dell EMC Unity and SC Series products offer unbeatable value with a modern, efficient, and feature rich product portfolio.

The Dell EMC Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program for Dell EMC Midrange Storage gives you additional peace of mind with guaranteed satisfaction and investment protection for future technology changes.

The program is at no additional cost to you with purchase of a support agreement.

And we won’t stop here. Look for more benefits and offers to be rolled out into this program over time — another reason why Dell EMC Midrange Storage gives you the best value for your investment.

Storage Assessment Services

Every IT professional knows that the storage system is the heart and soul of the data centre. If it isn’t maintained and monitored then response times can start creeping up and the first time any problems are noticed is when users start complaining that email is slow, or “My queries are taking hours, they used to take minutes!”

If this is a pain you are feeling then it’s worth taking advantage of the MTI storage assessment service. This free service will gather the performance and configuration data from your storage array and allow our experts to produce some reports to discover any limitations or bottlenecks within the system.

Then we can help offer advice on configuration changes, tuning tips or even tell you if a different solution might better serve your data storage needs.