Forcepoint DLP

Identifies and secures business-critical data across endpoints, networks and cloud services to efficiently meet compliance and protect intellectual property.

Global brands and market innovators must protect their business-critical, sensitive data against accidental data loss, compromised users and malicious insiders. Forcepoint DLP provides security focused on people’s interaction with data, including in creation, storage, email, webmail, personal devices and cloud applications.

The industry’s most complete data protection platform, Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention is recognised as a market leader by industry analysts for its robust coverage of data discovery, endpoint control, network enforcement and extension into cloud applications. Forcepoint DLP is instrumental for organisations with an obligation to meet regulatory and industry compliance requirements, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  • Achieve Risk-Adaptive Protection

  • Incident Risk Ranking (IRR)

  • Office 365 Support

  • Integrated Incident Workflow

  • Pre-Defined Policy Templates for Industries and Regulations (Including the EU GDPR)

  • Advanced Detection

  • Integrate Data Protection and Insider Threat Security

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Forcepoint DLP Overview


The expanding attack surface poses the most significant challenge to protecting critical data. The traditional approach to data loss prevention is no longer effective because it ignores the biggest variable in data security – Your people


Revolutionising DLP Incident Response – Whitepaper


Security systems generate a large number of alerts, but only a small subset of them represent critical risks to high value business data