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Latest Research and Analysis

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) helps enterprises prepare for a software-defined future with an agile, cost-effective model that can easily adapt to changing needs. This latest research report from 451 and the quick facts summary, highlight the key factors for consideration in the HCI market and its impact on organisations.

As a DellEMC and HCI Specialist solutions provider, MTI has HCI experts available to help you assess, implement and manage projects – Book a call with one of our consultants to find out how we can help you today.

Latest Research

The adoption of HCI is growing rapidly as companies race to meet the vast expectations of today’s digital economy. This 451 Research paper explores;

  • The state of the HCI Market
  • Why HCI will continue to grow and the organisational issues driving this
  • HCI’s impact on IT staffing
  • Key requirements for HCI
  • Recommendations for organisations investigating HCI

Quick Guide – 5 Reasons To Consider Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

This is a condensed summary of the benefits of HCI and how it can directly address organisational objectives and help simplify IT environments.

View the analysis to discover the 5 most common benefits of hyper-converged Infrastructure.

Key 1st Step – Storage assessment service

Assessing your current storage environment and performance patterns is a crucial 1st step in modernising your storage systems.

MTI provides a storage assessment service which gathers the performance and configuration data from your storage array and allows our experts to identify performance patterns and any limitations or bottlenecks within the current system prior to planning any new HCI implementation.

The assessment provides you with a detailed report, indicating any potential issues with your storage system and where there is scope for improvement.

MTI can build a TCO model to help you understand the right course of action to take. This might be to maintain the status quo and make minor changes or investigate newer solution designs like HCI if this is the case we can advise on the best solutions design to suit your individual use case.