Managed Service: Secure Data Lifecycle

The Importance of Data

Data is the lifeblood of any organisation, but the speed with which data is generated, the challenge lies with how to manage this securely. With structured and unstructured data being generated at rapid rate, data being located on-premise, in the public cloud and private cloud. This data is being interacted with by staff, customers and third parties, on managed and unmanaged devices, therefore the challenge of managing data securely is greater than ever.

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Service components

The Secure Data Lifecycle

Through a combination of advisory services, technology, professional services and managed services, MTI can support any organisation through a Secure Data Lifecycle, to help find, understand, label, protect, monitor and manage your data securely.

How we do it

  • Data Discovery
  • Data Classification
  • Data Protection
  • Data Monitoring
  • Data Management

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    MTI has over 25 years of managing data securely, whether providing Information Risk Management consultancy, using technology to support the data, or penetration testing to give assurance.