Datacentre Technology – Virtualisation

Virtualisation is the process of creating a software-based (or virtual) representation of something rather than a physical one. Virtualisation can apply to applications, servers, storage, and networks, making it possible to run multiple operating systems and applications on the same server. 

As experts in providing virtualisation solutions for datacentre, desktops and servers, MTI can help your organisation with its virtualisation strategy and ensure a smooth journey to the software-defined data centre. 

MTI’s Solution

Maximum value, reduced risks 

MTI can help you by ensuring that your virtualisation strategy will deliver maximum value while minimising any potential risks and helping to reduce costs. Virtualisation can provide support and help your business to: 

  • Recover quickly from systems failure and maintain business continuity 
  • Consolidate all computing resources 
  • Restore systems quickly following a failure 
  • Simplify and accelerate the deployment of business applications 
  • Secure your network 
  • Lowering TCO for infrastructure 

Proven virtualisation expertise 

Wherever you are on the path to the virtualised data centre, MTI can help by ensuring that your virtualisation strategy will deliver maximum value, while minimising any potential risks. Our virtualisation team works with clients across multiple industries, providing support for: 

  • Application and data migration 
  • Business and technical assessments 
  • Capacity planning and thin provisioning 
  • Implementation and configuration 
  • Solution design and recommendation 
  • Test plan and optimisation 
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    Benefits to business 

    • Deploy workloads faster 
    • Boost IT agility, flexibility, and scalability 
    • Speed up application and resource provisioning 
    • Reduce IT expenses 
    • Simplify datacentre management 
    • Help build a software-defined data centre