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Cyber criminals are becoming increasingly adept at refining their technological capabilities. It’s time to adopt a proactive stance; to remain legally compliant and understand your current cyber security risks so that you are prepared for an attack. This way, when an attack does occur, you will be better equipped to manage it appropriately.

MTI’s Solution

Baseline your organisation

Understand your organisation and how it ranks against organisations within the same vertical. Protect your organisation from unacceptable losses by employing a standards-based risk management processes and integrate cyber risk management into day-to-day operations.

Information Risk Management (IRM) can be defined as the assured sustainability of the confidentiality, integrity and availability of an organisation’s key information assets, in the context of the unique requirements and constraints of that organisation.

  • Cyber Security Maturity Assessment (CSMA)
  • Data Lifecycle Assessment
  • Ransomware Assessment
  • Secure Credentials Assessment
  • GDPR/ISO 27001

For details on the service itself, the key considerations and other key features, see the Service Details page.

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